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Our Story

We're car guys ourselves! We've owned & operated an independent car dealership for years, facing the same inventory struggles & wholesale flops as the rest. We could not find any auction that met our standards when it came to transparency or arbitration. After being burned countless times by other auctions (Online & Physical) we thought, there's got to be a better way... That's when we set out to change the wholesale auction game for good. Thus, Auction Central™ was born.

If you have been searching for an auction-based on transparency and feel that every vehicle should be accurately described, then search no more, Auction Central™ is what you're looking for. If you wish that each purchase also came with a free 30-day warranty, then Auction Central™ is your only choice. Combine all of this with free VinTel diagnostic reporting, full AutoCheck reports, JD Power valuation tools, a buyer-friendly interface, and you can see how we are flipping the digital auction arena upside down.

Our People

Here at Auction Central™, we strive to empower & inspire all of our people. Good culture, honesty, and respect are the pillars of our retention plan. We understand that happy employees are the bridge to happy customers!

Bob Gaito
Chief Executive Officer

Bob has an impressive track record of creating and growing several businesses. He formed his first organization, I-Centrix, in 2000, selling it to Haggin Marketing in 2007. His next startup, 4Cite Marketing, would eventually be acquired by one of the largest media companies in the world, Dentsu Aegis. Bob’s founding of Auction Central came about just as every other venture had, by noticing a gap in technology and its relation to the customer’s immediate needs. He is a dealer owner himself, and could not find an auction that had the transparency and customer interface that he desired, so…he made one! Bob’s best feeling is when he hears a dealer say, “Finally, this is exactly what I was looking for… Why isn’t anyone else offering this!?”

Patrick Lyga
Chief Operating Officer
Patrick has been in the automotive business for over a decade and brings an array of knowledge and experience to Auction Central. He has acted as the General Manager of six manufacturer franchises and currently co-owns/manages an independent dealership in Upstate, NY. Having held every role in variable operations, he understands the complete wholesale car buying experience and aims to bring full transparency to the buying process. He is extremely customer-oriented and wants nothing more than to create lasting relationships.
Nicholas Snyder
Chief Technology Officer
Nick is one of the three Auction Central partners and currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Miami and continues to root for the green & orange. He has a strong passion for coding and development and excels at combining his creative abilities with advanced technology to provide the best possible customer interface. Nick is constantly improving & innovating, and that is why Auction Central is the most user friendly online wholesale auction platform out there!
Darryl Mayette
Vice President of Arbitration
Darryl has served in virtually every position in the automotive industry. He’s been working on cars since fixing transmissions at his grandparents dealership when he was 16. He went on to join the U.S. Air Force to serve as a mechanic for 4 years. After getting out of the military, Darryl continued to work in retail and wholesale automotive, holding titles such as Technician, Service Manager, Service Advisor and Service Director. All in all, Darryl holds nearly 40 years of experience working with cars and when it comes to evaluating/arbitrating vehicles, there is no better man for the job.
Nelson VanDenburgh
Marketing & Sales Manager
Nelson spearheads Auction Central’s marketing department, managing our website, social media content, email marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other paid marketing campaigns. He brings with him a diverse background, serving in marketing roles with the U.S. Army, ESPN Radio, Albany Broadcasting, & The Tri-City ValleyCats. In addition to handling Auction Central’s marketing, he also builds & maintains valuable customer relationships with dealerships around Upstate NY. Nelson continues to serve in the New York Army National Guard as an Executive Officer of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company.
Mark Barrett
Territory Manager - New England
Mark has been in the digital wholesale game since 2018. He has held positions such as Vehicle Condition Inspector, Senior Vehicle Inspector and now Territory Manager. Prior to 2018, Mark worked in sales for a family owned construction company. Everywhere Mark has been, he has dedicated himself to providing a personalized and transparent customer experience, no matter the size of the company. Mark sets realistic expectations and tells it how it is, and that is why he has built so many valuable customer relationships. In his free time, he coaches youth hockey in East Greenwich, RI. Feel free to contact Mark directly with any questions, you’ll be in good hands!
Ian Durkee
Territory Manager - Midwest
Ian has been in the automotive industry for 8 years now. Having seen and worked for multiple platforms in the automotive industry, he believes Auction Central is by far the most customer oriented and transparent wholesale platform available. While buying and selling cars now relies heavily on technology, Ian believes relationships and customer service are the linchpin that hold it all together. He is always available for his clients needs and believes in delivering a white-glove service for all of his customers.
Theresa Dalton
Territory Manager - Midwest

Theresa has been in the automotive industry for 30 years now. She has worked in virtually every sector of the automotive industry: Auction, Franchise Dealer, Consumer Finance and Floor-plan. While buying and selling cars now relies heavily on technology, she believe relationships and customer service is the most important part! One of her most prized attributes is her character. She will never compromise quality over quantity! She is honest and transparent, which has been her biggest success in building customer relationships.


Robert Marchionni
Territory Manager - Connecticut

Robert has over 35 years in the automotive industry, bringing a unique & cheerful style to dealerships all around the Connecticut/Southern New York area. He is not one to back down from a challenge & truly serves to help his clients grow. He is an active member in the GNYDA and has served as an industry resource, bringing a plethora of knowledge to all of its members. Robert is well equipped to help his dealers achieve all of their business goals. Feel free to reach out to him, day or night!

Evan Flanagan
Territory Manager - New Jersey

Evan is a well rounded professional with over a decade of building & maintaining valuable customer relationships. He has worked in a similar role for one of the largest auction companies in the world, where he assisted dealers ranging from small auto shops to large franchises. Evan is loyal, motivated, and exceptionally driven. He is inspired most by helping dealers grow and achieve their business goals.

Steve Picciocca
Territory Manager - New York

Steve, a native of Amsterdam, NY, has been in the local automotive and media industry for over 25 years. Steve was a 10 year sole proprietor of Carpyx.com, a dealership photo inventory service. His interest in automobiles began when he was 9 years old pumping gas and washing cars at his grandfather's gas station. Steve shoots it straight and always tries to do what's best for his dealers. He is happily married with 3 adult children, an avid sports enthusiast, and unlucky fantasy sports player.


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