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Buying on the Auction Central™ is a simple and easy process. Feel free to watch our 5-minute Buyer Tutorial below, where we give you the full rundown of how to buy vehicles on our platform & all the free tools that you have at your disposal.

If you aren't already signed up with us, you can Register Here for free. We'll need some documents such as your dealers license & tax certificate.


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That's right, we've included tools like JD Powers Valuation Data, Complete AutoCheck Report & Advanced VinTel Diagnostics for every vehicle- at no cost to you!

Why did we include all of this for free?  Because our goal is to serve you. We think of it this way...if you don't already have access to these tools, then this is a bonus that will help you ensure you are putting the right numbers on each vehicle. Our mission is to make vehicle acquisition more productive & convenient!


Triple Checked Condition Reports

You may be wondering....what exactly are Triple Checked Condition Reports. Well, in a nutshell, they are condition reports that are reviewed by 3 different people.

An inaccurate or incomplete condition report can cost you a lot of money... These days it seems like there is such a rush to get vehicles listed online, that there is little opportunity to ensure the condition reports are correct.  We set out to change that mentality with our reports.

All vehicles listed on our platform go through the following process.

  1. We send an Auction Central™ employee to do the initial report.  They are trained to do all of the standard stuff. They take pictures of the entire vehicle and also look to capture any problem areas.  They start the vehicle, drive it on the lot, perform a 50 point inspection, and get the OBD readings.  During this process, they notate any potential problem areas.
  2. Once complete, the condition report is automatically sent to our Arbitration Department.  Why the Arbitration Department you ask?  Well, because most arbitration claims are the result of poor condition reports.  Having the Arbitration team review the condition reports in advance will help them identify more potential problems.
  3. Then, the selling dealer has a chance to review the report.  This gives them a chance to point out potential problems with the report and highlight items they feel the buyer may want to know.  For example, if they put new brakes on the car - they can add that to the report.  They are also responsible for verifying the trim level and ensuring that the vehicle is described accurately.  Once they are done, the Arbitration Department performs one more review and ultimately gives their stamp of approval.
Sample Report


All of this takes time but when you look to acquire vehicles for your lot, don't you want to know that the company presenting the vehicle has done its homework?


VinTel Diagnostics: Vehicle EKG

VinTel diagnostics are included with every Auction Central™ listing!

VinTel reads the major systems of a vehicle including powertrain (engine/transmission), ABS, SRS, ADAS, and body control. With the flexibility of the Blue Tooth Low energy network, over-the-air updates to include OEM specific systems are constantly being added to your existing OBD module. This flexibility allows common problems and new systems to be added easily in the field.

For more on VinTel: Click Here


JD Powers and AutoCheck Data

That's right - we included JD Powers valuation data along with a full AutoCheck report for every vehicle - at no cost to you! 

J.D. Power Valuation Services provides objective, unbiased and accurate values and insights trusted by clients across the nation's leading banks, credit unions, finance companies and beyond. AutoCheck®, has industrial-strength data backed by Experian, showing you data/reports on: State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV’s), Auto Auction History, Collision History, Service and Maintenance History, Current Warranties & More!


Team Buying Support

Gone are the days where you are bidding in a vacuum - with Auction Central™ your entire acquisition team will know which vehicles are in play and where they are in the bidding process. If you have ever experienced the following situations you will know how valuable team buying support can be.

  • Bidding against someone else in YOUR dealership
  • Not knowing if another co-worker already placed a proxy on a particular vehicle
  • Wishing you could 'share' a particular vehicle with someone else on your team

With our Team Buying support - these issued disappear.  You have complete visibility to all activity across your team.  Seems like this should be a standard feature, right?  We thought so too.  That's why we included this capability within our core platform. Whether you have a dedicated acquisition team or just spread the responsibility of buying cars across multiple staff members, we think you will love this feature.



Auction Central™ has chosen Crestline Auto Transportation as our preferred transport solution.  When arranging for transportation on our platform, you will receive the following Crestline benefits:

  • Real-time shipping quotes
  • 1-3 Day shipping windows
  • Customized real-time transportation updates

We know how important it is to get your cars delivered as soon as possible - and at a reasonable rate.  If you have ever experienced the frustration of waiting for days and days to receive your cars, you know just how important that is. In addition, Crestline provides full transparency during the entire shipping process.  You will be notified when your vehicle is picked up, you can see where it is at all times, and you will be notified when it is delivered (even on a weekend or evening).  We wanted to put an end to the "Transportation Black Box" experience and Crestline was the solution.

You will be able to get quotes and arrange for transportation on our platform even if you've never used Crestline before.  When you place your first order, the Crestline team will reach out to you and get you squared away on their system.  It's that easy and the beauty of it is, you can talk to Crestline directly.  Or, if you'd prefer, you can check the status on their portal.  In an effort to keep things simple, we want you to have an open line of communication with the transporter.  There is no reason for us to act like a middle-man.

You can pay separately! We didn't think it was fair for you to pay the transportation fee before you actually take delivery.  When the vehicle is dropped off at your dealership, you will be invoiced by Crestline.

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