Built-in Valuation Tools and Team Buying Support

That's right - we have included NADA valuation data along with a full AutoCheck report for every vehicle - at no cost to you!  We also introduced team buying...a concept that allows your entire team to collaborate when buying vehicles.  Gone are the days where you are bidding in a vacuum - with Auction Central your entire acquisition team will know which vehicles are in play and where they are in the bidding process. 

NADA and AutoCheck Data

Why did we include this for free?  Because our goal is to serve you.  We think of it this way...if you don't already have access to NADA and Autocheck data, then this is a bonus that will help you ensure you are putting the right numbers on each vehicle. If you already subscribed to these tools, then think of this as an added convenience.  You won't have to copy and paste the VIN numbers into another system, you can simply see the info you need in a single screen. Either way, our mission is to make vehicle acquisition both more productive and more convenient.

Team Buying Support

We built this capability specifically for dealerships where acquisition isn't the responsibility of only one person.  Whether you have a dedicated acquisition team or just spread the responsibility of buying cars across multiple staff members, we think you will love this feature.

Why is this important?

Well, if you have ever experienced the following situations you will know how valuable team buying support can be.

  • Bidding against someone else in YOUR dealership
  • Not knowing if another co-worker already placed a proxy on a particular vehicle
  • Wishing you could 'share' a particular vehicle with someone else on your team

With our Team Buying support - these issued disappear.  You have complete visibility to all activity across your team.  Seems like this should be a standard feature, right?  We thought so too.  That's why we included this capability within our core platform.





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