How To Sell In 3 Minutes

In this video, we show you how easy it is to start selling vehicles with Auction Central™.

1. Pre-Auction
2. RunList / Live Auction
3. Post-Auction: Closed Negotiations / Countering
4. Accepting An Offer & Retrieving Bill Of Sale


Buyer Confidence

More transparency doesn’t mean you get less for your vehicle… It’s quite the opposite! When a buyer trusts their vehicle sourcing tool, they tend to spend more because they know there are no hidden problems that they would otherwise have to account for. 

More Protection, Less Arbitration

Our transparency combined with our very forgiving arbitration/warranty policies have nothing to do with the seller. Our thought is, if we missed it, it’s our problem! If you answer our attestation questions truthfully, you don’t have to worry!

Integrated Tools

Our platform has countless features to help you sell your inventory efficiently. Check out one of our newest additions that allows you to communicate directly with the buyer to eliminate the middleman & save you time! Click Here to check it out!

All We Need Are The Keys!

Listing vehicles with Auction Central™ is a quick & simple process. Once registered, you may schedule an appointment to have your vehicles imaged by one of our Condition Report Writers. Our reports take about 20 minutes per vehicle and all we need are the keys!

After we image the vehicle, you will answer a few questions about the vehicle & let us know your reserve (floor).

Chat Directly With Buyers

One of our most recent platform additions is our chat feature that allows buyers and sellers to have conversations on specific vehicles after they’ve run. With this tool, dealers will be able to chat in-depth about the particulars of a vehicle, including their price points, and streamline communication to assist with negotiations.

To start a chat, go to the ended tab to view post-auction vehicles. If “Make An Offer” is shown on the search page, you are able to start a conversation with the seller by clicking into the VDP and hitting “See Conversations.” Current or past conversations may be accessed by clicking on the chat bubble located at the top right of the header page.

Closed Negotiations?

Once the vehicle completes its run, it will appear in the Auction’s  Ended section. If your vehicle received an offer, but it was below your reserve, your vehicle will enter closed negotiations.

Here, you and the high bidder can attempt to negotiate a deal. There will be three opportunities for the high bidder & seller to counter. After 3 hours of closed negotiations, anyone is able to place an offer at any time before the next auction.

This gives the buyer motivation to win the bid & have the exclusive right to attempt to work a deal with you. If you feel your negotiation is running stale, reject the offer & open your vehicle up to more bids!