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VinTel reads the major systems of a vehicle including powertrain (engine/transmission), ABS, SRS, ADAS, and body control.  With the flexibility of the Blue Tooth Low energy network, over-the-air updates to include OEM specific systems are constantly being added to your existing OBD module.  This flexibility allows common problems and new systems to be added easily in the field.


It takes under a minute to produce each report.  Simply plug the device into the vehicle's OBD port, open the app on your phone, and wait for the LED sequence to complete its cycle.  It really is that simple.


Earch report uploaded to the cloud and is available to anyone in your dealership.  Whether you scan potential trade-ins or use it in your service lane, the reports can be accessed by your entire staff at any time.  This makes it easy to share information and make informed decisions.

Interested in getting VinTel for your dealership?

VinTel diagnostics are included with every Auction Central™ listing but did you know that you can get this same great technology for yourself?

You would think that a diagnostic platform this robust would be expensive, but it's not!  The OBD reader can be purchased for $99 and the base subscription is only $115 per month.

If you have a larger shop or require more than one device, no problem, you can purchase as many devices as you need.  The monthly subscription will only increase $15 per month for each device.  So if you only need one device, your total cost would be  $99 upfront and $115 per month.  If you need two devices, the cost would be $198 upfront and $130 per month.

At this price point, your VinTel subscription will undoubtedly pay for itself!

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