Really, a warranty?

Yes, that's right, we offer a limited powertrain warranty on every vehicle sold on our platform.  Well - every yellow light and green light vehicle that is.

Why we offer a warranty

Because we want our buyers to have the protection they deserve.  As car guys ourselves, we were tired of struggling with short arbitration windows and auction houses that charge high prices to extend them.

If you have ever been a victim of these types of problems then you know the financial pain that they cause.  Well, we have felt it too and we set out to solve the problem.

How does the warranty work?

The premise is actually quite simple.  We set aside a portion of the fees we collect to fund the warranty.  As vehicles sell on our platform, that pool of funds grows and is available to cover problems that didn't surface during the arbitration period.  These funds are managed and dispursed by an independent warranty administrator backed by A-Rated insurance companies.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty provides the buying dealer with standard limited powertrain protection 30 days or 1,000 miles with an aggregate coverage of $1,500.  Please keep in mind that this is in addition to the coverage provided during our normal arbitration period.  For a full description of the warranty details please click here.

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