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Warranty Overview

Really, a warranty?

Yes, that's right, we offer a limited powertrain warranty on every vehicle sold on our platform.  Well - every yellow light and green light vehicle that is.

Why we offer a warranty

Because we want our buyers to have the protection they deserve.  As car guys ourselves, we were tired of struggling with short arbitration windows and auction houses that charge high prices to extend them.

If you have ever been a victim of these types of problems then you know the financial pain that they cause.  Well, we have felt it too and we set out to solve the problem.

How does the warranty work?

The premise is actually quite simple.  We set aside a portion of the fees we collect to fund the warranty.  As vehicles sell on our platform, that pool of funds grows and is available to cover problems that didn't surface during the arbitration period.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty provides the buying dealer with standard limited powertrain protection 30 days or 1,000 miles with an aggregate coverage of $1,500.  Please keep in mind that this is in addition to the coverage provided during our normal arbitration period.  You can find the full description of the warranty details below.

Warranty Protection

Free Warranty Protection:

  • The Limited Powertrain Warranty is designed to supplement the Arbitration Policy.  That's right, you get both a traditional arbitration period AND and extended warranty period.
  • There is NO COST for the extended warranty coverage
  • Even yellow light vehicles are covered (for items not disclosed in the condition report provided at the time of the sale).
  • Our goal is to provide you the time and protection you deserve, buy with confidence at Auction Central™.

Warranty Details:

This Limited Warranty covers the eligible vehicles for an effective period of either 30 Days beginning at the conclusion of the Arbitration period or ONE THOUSAND MILES (1,000 miles) from true odometer mileage at the sale, whichever occurs first.  In no circumstance can the Arbitration period and the Warranty period overlap.  In addition, claims can not be placed in both the Arbitration period and the Warranty period for the same component.

Covered components, along with other terms and conditions of the warranty, are listed below. The Administrator agrees, subject to the terms and conditions listed herein, that it will, for the period of time this Coverage is in effect, authorize repairs and pay for authorized repairs made at pre-approved, independent repair facilities for listed covered parts when a Covered Mechanical Breakdown has occurred AFTER the vehicle sale date, not to exceed the maximum limit of liability of $1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred dollars).

A Covered Mechanical Breakdown is defined as a failure, occurring during the effective period of this contract, of a listed covered part to perform the function for which it was designed. A gradual reduction in operating performance due to time and mileage does not constitute a Covered Mechanical Breakdown. If it becomes necessary to replace covered parts during a covered vehicle repair, the repair may be made using “New”, “Used”, or “Remanufactured” parts at the sole discretion of the Administrator.

Covered Components

  • ENGINE: Crankshaft and bearings, oil pump, water pump, internal timing gears or chains, camshaft and bearings, valve lifters, rocker arm assemblies, and pushrods, valve guides, pistons and rings, wrist pins, connecting rods, distributor drive gear, and all internal components of and including engine block cylinder heads, manifolds and turbocharger housing.
  • TRANSMISSION/ TRANSAXLE: Case and all internally lubricated parts including the torque converter. Includes transfer case and all internally lubricated parts.FRONT / REAR DRIVE AXLES: All internally lubricated parts of the drive axle housings also including axle shafts and axle shaft bearings, constant velocity joints, axle housing, and propeller shaft U-joints.
  • HEAD GASKET: Head gasket is NOT COVERED if damaged in any way by overheating.

This contract has a total aggregate limit of liability of $1,500

What is not covered

  • Any repair that is not authorized by the Administrator and which has not been given an authorization number and specifically-authorized amount by a claim representative of the Administrator.
  • Any repair which is identified by a third-party inspector as occurring either before or during the 7-Day Auction Arbitration Period
  • Any damage to a covered part by a non-covered/non-listed part.
  • Any repair that is required due to damage caused by overheating.
  • Damage caused by the wrong type/contamination of/inadequate levels of fuel, fluids, or lubricants.
  • Any mechanical damage that results from the continued operation of the vehicle once a failure has occurred.
  • All Mechanical breakdowns that occur during the period of the factory warranty or are covered by factory recall.
  • Mechanical Breakdowns cause by or related to racing/competitive motorsports, severe off-road use, or any non-factory modification to the vehicle.
  • Mechanical Breakdowns caused by rust, corrosion, carbon build-up, or sludge of any kind.
  • Repair expenses for any non-listed component for any specific plan listed above for any reason.
  • Any components that have not experienced a Mechanical Breakdowns but are recommended by the repair facility.
  • Failures caused by impact or collision of any kind, malicious intent, theft, insects, vermin, water, flood, wind, riot, or war.
  • Any expenses for otherwise-covered claims that exceed the “total aggregate limit of liability” listed above.
  • Failures that occurred before the sale of this contract (as determined by the administrator).
  • Any expense caused by loss of time, loss of vehicle, storage, inconvenience, or personal injury of any kind.
  • Vehicles sold with a red light, a hollow yellow light, a hollow green light status are sold AS-IS and are not eligible for warranty coverage.
  • Vehicles sold with a green light or yellow light status are covered with the exception of items, conditions, or disclosures made in the condition report available at the time of the sale.

Vehicle operator responsibilities

  • Make sure all vehicle temperature and pressure warning systems are working properly.
  • Make sure the vehicle has the proper level and types of coolants, lubricants, and fluids.
  • IMPORTANT!! Do not drive the vehicle if it is overheating.
  • Turn the vehicle off and have it towed when a Mechanical Breakdown has occurred.
  • Call the Administrator and pre-authorize any and all repairs before any work that will be claimed under this limited warranty is begun.
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