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Auction Central integration with One Auction View

February 13th, 2024 Latham, NY – Auction Central is proud to announce its latest integration with One Auction View, an “all-in-one” platform that allows dealers to browse and proxy-bid on multiple live wholesale vehicle auctions simultaneously.  Bob Gaito, CEO of Auction Central, says “Auction Central is excited to be a featured auction on its platform. We and […]

The Tale of the ZOMBIE Ferrari

The tale of the “Zombie Ferrari” is one of intrigue and mystery. It all began when a group of children playing in a yard in Los Angeles stumbled upon something buried in the dirt in 1978.

The Effects of the UAW Strike on Used Car Sales

The UAW strike has thrown the US auto market into turmoil. Auto sales still hadn’t entirely recovered from the pandemic, but car shopping in the United States could potentially change dramatically once more.

Are EV’s Losing Their Spark?

are ev's losing their spark

The electric vehicle (EV) market in the United States has seen a dramatic shift in recent years. From scarcity to plenty, the landscape has changed significantly, but not without its challenges.

Mack Truck Workers Join the UAW Strike

The UAW strike has been ongoing since September 2023, with workers demanding better wages and working conditions. The addition of Mack Truck workers to the strike is a significant development that could further exacerbate the disruptions caused by the strike.

The State of the UAW Strike

The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike has been making headlines since it began on September 15, 2023. This labor strike involves automobile workers in the UAW and the three unionized automakers in the United States.